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SCRIPT High Fidelity One-Step RT-PCR Kit

One-Step RT-PCR Kit for highly precise and fast amplification

Store at -20°C, avoid frequent thawing and freezing

SCRIPT High Fidelity RT-PCR Enzyme Mix
(incl. SCRIPT RTase, Hot Start High Fidelity Polymerase, RNase Inhibitor)
2x SCRIPT High Fidelity RT-PCR Reaction Mix
RNase-free Water

SCRIPT High Fidelity One-Step RT-PCR Kit is the ideal choice for applications where highly sensitive reverse transcription and high fidelity PCR at high amplification speed in single tubes are required. The enzyme mix is based on a genetically engineered reverse transcriptase with enhanced thermal stability providing increased specificity, high cDNA yield and improved efficiency for highly structured and long cDNA fragments. Additionally, a genetically engineered proof-reading enzyme is implemented as polymerase. It provides a 50-fold higher accuracy and an increased processivity compared to Taq, resulting in 2-fold shorter elongation times.

Название Код Цена Количество
L pack PCR-510L 238563.36 руб. 500 reactions x 50 µl
S pack PCR-510S 59640.84 руб. 100 reactions x 50 µl
XS pack PCR-510XS 14910.21 руб. 20 reactions x 50 µl


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