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IMDM medium kit hPL

IMDM medium kit hPL

IMDM - Модифицированная Исков среда Дульбекко (DMEM), набор
250 мл среды, базовой
12.5 ml hPL supplement (5% final), deep-frozen

Технические параметры
ПроизводительCLS Cell Lines Service
Номер в каталоге 820808-hpl
Ценапо запросу

Product information IMEM hPL Kit

IMDM (Iscove’s modification of DMEM) cell culture medium supplemented with hPL (human Platelate lysate)

IMDM medium is a chemically defined cell culture medium which contains additions of selenium, aminoacids and vitamins, sodium pyruvate and HEPES. It is ideally suited for culturing B lymphoblastoid cells and hybrid cells. The buffering capacity is based on HEPES and hydrogen carbonate.

The supplement hPL (human Platelet lysate) is manufactured from platelet single donor apheresis samples which are collected at blood banks in Southern Germany. Contrary to FBS, hPL is a bystander product. Platelet preparations must be destroyed 5 days after collection from the donors unless they are used up in other applications. Only platelets from double-negative tested donors are used to manufacture the platelet lysates and are pooled from 25 donors.

IMDM supplemented with hPL delivers sufficient nutrients and growth factors to sustain the proliferation of cell lines such as MV4-11 myeloid leukemia cells.

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