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Фибробласты сердца человека: HCF. Первичные клеточные линии Cell Applications.

Human Cardiac Fibroblasts: HCF

Фибробласты Сердца Человека (HDF) являются превалирующим видом клеток в сердце, составляя до 60-70 % всех клеток. HCF от Cell Applications, Inc. обеспечивают прекрасную модельную систему для изучения многих аспектов функций и патологий человеческого сердца.

HCF от Cell Applications, Inc. были использованы во множестве исследований, например:

(Текст на языке оригинала)
  • Determine that electrical coupling between cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts is mediated by large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels that can be stimulated by estrogen receptor agonists
  • Show that antimitogenic effects of estradiol on HCF growth are mediated by cytochromes 1A1/1B1-and catechol-O-methyltransferase-derived metabolites
  • Demonstrate that in response to mechanical stretch, cardiac fibroblasts release TGF-β which causes trombomodulin downregulation, increasing the risk of thromboembolic events and also induces cardiac fibroblast differentiation into myofibroblasts via increased Smad2 and ERK1/2 phosphorylation, that could be stimulated by endothelin-1 and inhibited by Ac-SDKP
  • Indicate that activation of G protein-coupled receptor kinase-2 (GRK2) prevents normal regulation of collagen synthesis in cardiac fibroblasts mimicking heart failure phenotype
  • Identify FGF2 signaling pathway as potential target for modulating apoptosis in cardiac pathology
  • Investigate the roles of scleraxis and AMPKα1 in scar formation following myocardial infarction
  • Show that the KATP channel opener KMUP-3 preserved cardiac function after myocardial infarction by enhancing the expression of NO synthase and restoring MMP-9/TIMP-1 balance
  • Report that express delayed rectifier IK, Ito, Ca2+-activated K+ current (BKCa), inward-rectifier (Kir-type), and swelling-induced Cl- current (ICl.vol) channels


Normal human heart tissue.  Each lot is tested negative for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, mycoplasma, bacteria, and fungi.
Cryopreserved ampoule:
1st passage, >500,000 cells in Basal Medium containing 10% FBS & 10% DMSO.
Kit contains:
Ampoule of cryopreserved HCF (306-05f), 500 ml of Cardiac Fibroblast Growth Medium (316-500), and a Subculture Reagent Kit (090K).
Proliferating Cells:
Shipped in Growth Medium at 2nd passage in either flasks or multiwell dishes.
Population doublings:
Can be cultured at least 8 doublings



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Basal medium (contains no growth supplement).В  Add GS before use. 315-500 6602.41 руб.

All-in-one ready-to-use 316-500 11460.8 руб.

Basal Medium and Growth Supplement sold together, bottled separately 316K-500 12457.48 руб.

Added to Basal Medium to create Growth Medium 316-GS 5855.07 руб.

HCF Total Kit: Media, Subculture Reagents & Cells, Adult 306K-05a 90691.07 руб.
HCF Total Kit: Media, Subculture Reagents & Cells, Fetal 306K-05f 90691.07 руб.

Cryopreserved HCF 306-05a 74122.54 руб.

Cryopreserved HCF 306-05f 74122.54 руб.

Human FGF9 ELISA Kit CL0348 52944.28 руб.

Total RNA prepared from Human Cardiac Fibroblasts, adult 306-R10a 47338.55 руб.
Total RNA prepared from Human Cardiac Fibroblasts, adult 306-R25a 94677.11 руб.
Total RNA prepared from Human Cardiac Fibroblasts, fetal 306-R10f 40486.8 руб.
Total RNA prepared from Human Cardiac Fibroblasts, fetal 306-R25f 80974.29 руб.

Total RNA prepared from human heart tissue 1H30-50 16039.28 руб.
Total RNA prepared from human heart tissue 1H30-250 60419.04 руб.

Proliferating HCF 307-25a 74122.54 руб.
Proliferating HCF 307-75a 97791.48 руб.
Proliferating HCF 307-6Wa 97791.48 руб.
Proliferating HCF 307-96Wa 112740.99 руб.

Proliferating HCF 307-25f 74122.54 руб.
Proliferating HCF 307-75f 97791.48 руб.
Proliferating HCF 307-6Wf 97791.48 руб.
Proliferating HCF 307-96Wf 112740.99 руб.

100 ml each of HBSS, Trypsin/EDTA & Trypsin Neutralizing Solution 090K 6353.07 руб.

Extended Family Products

100 tests 028-S 4152.49 руб.
500 tests 028-01 16070.53 руб.

25 x 24-Well Rxns TF103KS 6222.62 руб.
250 x 24-Well Rxns TF103K 46715.54 руб.

Human Fibroblast Growth Factor acidic RP1029-10 9343.11 руб.
Human Fibroblast Growth Factor acidic RP1029-1000 180634.8 руб.
Human Fibroblast Growth Factor acidic RP1029-50 22423.6 руб.

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